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  • Cleveland Educational Article of the Month - How to Get Rid Of Groundhog under a Shed or Porch

How to Get Rid Of Groundhog under a Shed or Porch

Groundhogs love digging and burrowing underground and when they want to make their dens they normally do that under a shed or porch. That can cause considerable damages to the homeowners. That is why this post is dedicated to hint you on how to get rid of a Cleveland groundhog under a shed or porch.

Confirm The Presence Of Groundhog Under Porch Or Shed
If you think that you have an Ohio groundhog living under a shed or porch the first thing you need to do is to confirm the presence. This is because there are other wild animals that can also take up under a shed or porch as home. You can use the foot print to find out whether truly groundhog is the animal living under there or not. If you confirm and discover that it is a Cleveland groundhog then you can go to another step.

Confirm whether the skunk has nest of babies
The season of the year will determine whether Cleveland groundhogs under a shed or porch have babies or not. But it is still important for you to confirm that to make sure you know the best way to remove them. Since groundhogs are nocturnal you have to check under a shed or porch at night when the mother might have gone out to look for food. Check around for the babies by pointing your light inside and out. And if there are babies, you have to remove them with hand and dispose them properly to avoid them being starved when they mother will be excluded from the den.

Check For Other Entry And Exit Points And Seal Them Up
Now find out the entry point into the shed or porch by the Ohio groundhogs. The entry point may be more than one and you must find them to make your exclusion method more effective. If you find entry and exit points seal them up but remain only one exit point where you will install your exclusion device.

Exclusion device or cage trap in the exit point
You can now decide whether to use live cage trap to catch and relocate a Cleveland groundhog under a shed or porch or to simply use exclusion device to exclude them completely from the place. Using exclusion device will be more effective and easier as you will not need to worry about what to do with groundhog after you catch it.

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