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  • Cleveland Educational Article of the Month - Is a Raccoon That is Active During the Daytime Rabid?

Is a Raccoon That is Active During the Daytime Rabid?

Is a Raccoon That is Active During the Daytime Rabid?

Have you seen raccoons on the Cleveland streets during the day? And in many occasions, this is a rare sighting. This is because most raccoons are active at night. However, there are situations when you shall see the raccoons and it does not mean they are violent.
In fact, many raccoons want:

• To look for food
• Find water
• Find a different nest

You shall notice the Cleveland raccoons love living in colonies and you shall spot several of them in a nest. They become violent when you interfere with their daily routines, or want to take away their young ones and destroy their nest.

Looking for food and water
You have the chance of finding an Ohio raccoon during the day when it is looking for food and water. Raccoons need water for survival daily, and this means searching far and wide including homesteads to find water. Some want to find foods in dustbins due to hunger. In such occasions, the raccoons are not violent.

Lost its way
Some raccoons especially the young ones lose their way and it becomes harder for them to get back to the colonies. You shall find them roaming the Cleveland streets since they lack a sense of directionality. They look for places, which have sign of water, and food.

Wants to find a different nest
When a nest is destroyed, the Ohio raccoons shall find another nest and this means searching even during the day. They look for abandoned places, and regions, which have access to food and water. Some Cleveland raccoons spend time looking for nests even during the day especially if they have young ones and want shelter.

Violent when disturbed
You need to know that Cleveland raccoons are very peaceful unless when disturbed. This has come to the realization of many people who tend to think that raccoons are wild all the time. When they are resting in their nest and you try to disturb them, they shall bite. Some Ohio raccoons become violent when harassed, exposed to noisy environments, or lack water. You need to have protective measures in place like using a cage if you want to capture them, and relying on animal control or rehabilitators when you want to eliminate raccoons from the nest. You can spot raccoons during the day when looking for food and this does not mean they are dangerous animals. void interaction with them if you notice they are violent.

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