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  • Cleveland Educational Article of the Month - Should I Relocate a Pigeon?

Should I Relocate a Pigeon?

If you are an Ohio animal lover and you cannot stand the thought of killing one, it will be very hard for you to kill even a pestering pigeon. But what should you do with the trapped pigeons inside your trapping device? One of the few ideas that might have crossed your mind is to relocate it very far in your place. The thought that it won’t find its way back is not an option because believe it or not, they DO.

The basic idea why relocating a pigeon won’t work
• Pigeons are very intelligent birds. They are able to recognize the place where they come from and eventually find their way back no matter how far you have taken them. You might have watched an old movie where characters use pigeons to bring letters and messages across the distance. Those are not fictional ideas. Pigeons were actually used as messengers during earlier times.
• They are able to recognize a home. This is the place where they have the access to food and a great place where they roost. Once they find that place, they will come back every now and then, and sometimes, stay there for a longer time. Even if they are transferred in another place – no matter how far from where they came from, they will be able to find their way back home.
• Training and domesticating pigeons. You train and domesticate a Cleveland pigeon when they are young little squabs – not when they are full grown and old enough to recognize where they lived for a long time.
• Pigeons move in flocks. No matter how far the distance they have been, they will be able to identify their flocks when they find their way back home. It’s you who won’t be able to recognize them when they are back again, roosting in the same spot in your place.

What to do now?
If you have captured a Cleveland pigeon or pigeons in the trap you installed in, you need to dispose them immediately. They might carry harmful diseases that can put your family at risk. They might also carry harmful insects in their feathers. You might consider calling a pest control or animal control services to take the pigeons. Or else, you might inflict a quick but humane death to those animals and dispose the body immediately. Do not forget to clean up and sanitize the area where the Ohio pigeons roosted or captured.

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