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  • Cleveland Educational Article of the Month - How to Kill a Mole

How to Kill a Mole

If you have a Cleveland mole in your property like garden, yard or even in front of your house, under a shed or porch, it is important you do something fast. Allow moles to share space in your garden with you can cause tremendous loss and damages to you. They can completely damage things in your garden uproot your planted crops while searching for earthworms and insects.

Kill an Ohio Mole with Lethal Trap
Lethal trapping is one of the most effective methods of wild animal removal which most homeowners normally use. You have to select the lethal trap designed for the animal you want to kill. There is body gripping lethal trap designed just for mole which you can use to kill the animal easily. All, you have to so is to make sure you bait the trap and you will stand chance of trapping the Cleveland mole in your trap the following morning. But, you must also know that killing wild animal with lethal trap is inhumane and not recommended.

Kill a Mole with Poison
Poison is another sure way of killing many Cleveland moles at a time mostly when you target are with most operation in your garden. But the issue is that the animal may eat the poison and enter somewhere hidden and die causing serious pollution in the entire place and disturbing your neighbors. Another thing is that poisoning mole is inhumane and should not be encouraged. You can even risk the life of your lovely pet with poison you made for moles.

Hunt and Kill a Mole with your Dog
If you try lethal and even poison without getting the required result the next thing to do is to try some natural method. One of the effective natural methods to kill an Ohio mole is through hunting with your dog. Give your dog opportunity to exercise and if possible feeding on the fresh mole meat and it will be glad that you did. However, you should remember that mole can bite and infect your hunting dog with disease.

Use Prevention and Live Cage Trap to Get Rid Of Mole
It is true that you can stand chance removing a Cleveland mole from your property yet the result would have been better if you go through prevention method or live cage trap. These methods are not only encouraged because they are humane but also encouraged because of their effectiveness.

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