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Cleveland Bad Wildlife Job

Below is an example of a job we did in which the customer was not satisfied with our work, so we apologized and made it right:

Good morning - I am sending this e-mail to just let you know how I feel about your company at this point from beginning to end. I thought maybe you would be interested. Here we go: 1. My issue was noises in my attic and above my family room addition Thursday night. Extremely loud and being alone I was scared so much so that I never slept. At 4 am I was on the computer picking out what exterminating company I would be calling Friday, 2/14 morning. I selected your company (very nice website) if it was a raccoon issue and another company if it was a mice issue - I just wasn't certain.

2. I had my neighbor come over early Friday morning so he could help me determine what the issue was - raccoon or mouse. We both went thru my 2 attic rooms and even went up on a ladder to see better. Also went up above the garage to access the family room addition. We also did an outside check of the house and determined that it was a raccoon or something larger than a mouse due to the animal tracks on the roof in the back of the house where I had initially heard noises the night before.

3. I called your company and got Eric. He was asking me questions about my situation when he asked if he could put me on hold which I agreed. I was holding for a long time when I received another call and it was Eric calling me back as he said we had been disconnected. I am pointing this out as that was great customer service on Eric's part in calling me back as most companies would have waited for the customer's return call.

4. An appointment was made at that time for that day between the hours of 3:30pm an 5:30pm.

5. Received a call from your service tech around 5:15pm or so stating that they had run behind schedule and wanted me to reschedule. Well, seeing that I had no sleep due to the noises the previous night and that I was really petrified of another night of noises, I basically asked them to come yet today (there was crying involved on my part). They checked and agreed to still come.

6. Two service techs showed up who were very nice and courteous.

7. Your website states that a roof inspection to find where the entry point would be done so it could be fixed. I mentioned this and due to the weather (snow on the roof) was told this would be done at a later time. I did not have a problem with this but I need to keep whatever animal out of my house and need to know where they are coming in.

So now the reason for this e-mail. These two gentlemen did exactly everything my neighbor and I had previously done earlier in the day except they left one trap (there were 3 areas where animals were heard but extra traps cost extra money which I do not have) and charged me $175. My neighbor and I even used a ladder in the attic which the techs did not. So basically, I paid $175 for a trap! With that said, I am extremely dissatisfied. Unfortunately, nothing was found in the trap this morning and I did not hear any noises last night because I went to sleep immediately after the techs departed so around 7pm or so (remember I mentioned no sleep the previous night). So, I will find out tonight if this animal(s) in the attic still exists plus I have no idea how to stop them from entering as I don't have a clue as to where they are coming in. Basically my situation has gotten worse as it has cost me money now to find out nothing more than I already knew.

I don't want to go on-line and give your company a bad review without giving you an opportunity to respond to my concerns.

Please let me know your thoughts.

Thank you

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