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  • Cleveland Educational Article of the Month - Are Foxes Dangerous to Cats, Dogs, or Other Pets?

Are Foxes Dangerous to Cats, Dogs, or Other Pets?

Foxes are nocturnal in nature, meaning they are usually up at dusk until dawn. If you have pets, it is more likely that a Cleveland fox could attack them when you’re fast asleep. Although foxes only live less than 5 years in urban places, it doesn’t mean that your neighbourhood is already safe from harm.

What animals are at risk?
An Ohio fox may tend to eat a wide range of foods, from insects to worms or your plants and berries and even other smaller animals. This doesn’t spare your little dog or cat as well. Foxes can also cause damage to urban places because they like to eat from the garbage. Let’s see what else we have here:
• Hamsters, guinea pigs and rabbits are common prey to foxes
• Puppies and kittens are not also safe to be around foxes
• Poultry birds, chickens and ducks are at greater risk of getting attacked by a fox

Getting along with no one
Cats and dogs don’t get along with Cleveland foxes because foxes are classified under wild animals. Domesticated animals and wild animals by nature always take that self defence strategy when they smell danger. Unless one of these animals is caged, it won’t be safe for a fox, a dog or a cat to be around each other.

Characteristics of a fox
Foxes also possess that musky odour and it just seem to linger on the places they frequently go to. If ever there is a pungent smell in your surrounding, you have to check if there are any signs of a Cleveland fox.
• Foxes can be very determined creatures. Once they smelled that there’s a prey, they will keep on coming back
• Foxes are fierce predators and can easily attack their prey
• Foxes will do anything get access to a hutch of smaller animals

Here’s what you can do
It’s not going to be safe for your pets to be with an Ohio fox. Aside from being predators, these animals also carry diseases and parasites that can easily be passed on to your dog, cat or any other animals. It would be helpful to keep your pets inside the house at night to keep them protected. But then most cats would love to go out and explore during night-time. As for chickens, ensure a safer place for them by building sturdier fences or cages. You can also give your pets the latest vaccines; de-worming and flea control in case there is a threat of roving foxes within the neighbourhood. It’s not going to be easy for everyone to adjust to this situation so you also have to consider calling your local Cleveland wildlife centre to help you handle these.

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