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  • Cleveland Educational Article of the Month - HOW TO CUT A DEAD ANIMAL FROM INSIDE A WALL



It is important to know that every Ohio animal dies, and sometimes they die in your Cleveland house and probably inside your properties such as ceiling, wall, or some hidden places in the house. The resultant effects of this will amount to terrible odor, health risk, stains on the wall, among others. If an animal died inside your wall and the odor is making the entire building not conducive, you can contact a professional who specializes in removing dead animals from inside a wall to help you out. However, there is an alternative which you can do it yourself, below are step by step instructions on how to cut a dead animal from inside a wall.

1. Sniff on the wall with your nose
The first thing to do in trying to cut a dead animal from inside a wall is to sniff onto the wall and stick your nose all over the place until you are able to hit the right spot. This will help you to identify the exact spot where the animal is located, before calling for next line of action. You may be wondering, “Is that possible to perceive a smell through the wall”? Yes it is, and it’s simple to do; all you need to do is use the direction of the ceiling by the wall to figure out the exact spot where the odor is coming.

2. Use a drywall saw to cut a hole in the wall
As soon as you’ve find the right spot, you are expected to make use of a drywall saw to cut the spot and remove the dead Ohio animal. Here is how to go about this: you are expected to use a pen and draw a four-corner box on the wall to provide room for accuracy during the cut. Use the dry wall saw and cut the portion of the wall carefully while following the lines you have earlier drawn.

3. Remove the dead animal with a rubber glove
After you have successfully cut a hole on the wall, you are to wear a rubber glove and remove the carcass and place it in a plastic bag. Then remove any available maggot around the wall and spray the wall with an enzyme-based cleaner.

4. Burn or bury the carcass
After getting rid of the dead Cleveland animal from the wall, the next thing to do is to burn the carcass or better bury it to avoid risking one’s health.

5. Replace part of the wall that was removed
When all is done, the hole on the wall needs to be reshaped and make the wall look as before. If you are able to do these things correctly, then you are good to go.

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